Leonardo Harrell:
photographer at large

Leonardo Harrell: photographer at large

The 27 Truths.

I have an overriding philosophy when it cames to capturing an image. I believe that there are, at minimum, 27 things that should not be overlooked about any thing that can be captured on film.

27 things that are essential to understanding, appreciating, and connecting with your subject.

It might be the way a baby holds it's fingers in the first days of life, a splash of a waterfall that thunders from a hundred feet above you, the powerful jaws of a life form so tiny, you can barely see it with the naked eye, or the way a bride looks at her father right before walking down the aisle: if I can capture even one of those "27 Truths", I'm on my way to creating an image that has meaning.

My love affair with photography started before I even owned  a "serious" camera, working in some of the premiere Photo Finishing labs on the west coast; getting hands on with images by legendary photographers like Art Wolfe, and Gordon Parks.

Since then my photos have been published by news organizatons like Northwest Asian Weekly, KOMO news, and The Stranger.