First post, First paycheck

Second Post, First paycheck

It’s fitting that today is my very first post, on the very first day that this blog goes live. I also received my very first check, for photos I sold to KOMO news.

waiting for paramedics Shooting victim waits for paramedics to arrive

I’ve been paid for my photography before this; but somehow this feels different. I actually received a check in the mail from a real live corporation. Not that it was even a large amount of money. Not what you’d get from shooting a wedding, for example.

But, I don’t want to sound too celebratory because the photos in question are definitely not from a happy event. Back in May, at the Seattle Folk Life festival there was a shooting incident. When the shots went off I was probably 5-10 yards away, facing the other direction. I looked around to see what the noise was and saw a few dozen people running right for me! Like any self respecting shutter-bug, I immediately started walking toward the action. In the few seconds it took me to get to “ground zero” a group of burly cops ran right past me. My first shots of the scene are those cops piling on top of the shooter.

It turns out one of those peace loving “folks” was also licensed to carry a concealed weapon. When some of the other young hippies saw the gun poking out of his ankle holster they tried to take it from him, yelling at him for bringing a weapon to this type of event.

Before the dust settled, two people had been shot, and at least one person was on his way to jail.

Later it was revealed that the young man had some type of mental illness. I guess I would’ve thought that’d be one thing to keep you from qualifying for a gun permit.

Apparently a young man was shot in the neck, and a young lady in the leg.