Threads: an AAWA event at Elliot Bay Book Store

Tonight I went out for the reading of THREADS, the latest anthology by the members of the African American Writers ' Alliance.
Part writer's workshop, part support group, part community service organization, the group has been around for almost two decades, and this is their fourth anthology.

Author/Poet Brenda Gayle Wright, and local poet, Sonya Thompson

Held at the historic Elliot Bay Book Store in Seattle's Pioneer Square, it was a night of the writers performing pieces from the book, as well as other works.

Who was it that said writer's only write about two things, love and death? Whoever it was, the authors tonight proved him wrong. They told stories of revenge, love, faith, social justice, and overcoming obstacles.

Before the night was over I'd laughed, and was struck silent. I'd felt sad, outraged, and comforted. Basically, I felt everything that a great writer can make us, the reader, feel.

Poet, author, and bad-ass, Monique Franklin

Words are more powerful than any weapon: a point made by Dr Georgia McDade, apparently one of the founding members of the the AAWA, and the organizer of this particular project of theirs.

Other than Dr McDade, several writers I know personally are included in the anthology, and it was a thrill to see them in their natural element.

Santiago Vegas passionate performance brought tears as well as laughter.

Some of the writers I'd met in the past, but hadn't read, or seen them perform- like Santiago Vega, and well known Seattle musician/artist/writer Frenchy Conde Lamont.

Other's I'd already become a fan of, like Monique Franklin, and one of my all time favorite poets, Brenda Gale Wright.

I haven't read the book yet, so this won't turn into a full on review, but I bought my copy of THREADS, and can't wait to discover even more of the amazing talent that Seattle has to offer.

I took my Nikon D200, and mostly used my 50mm prime.
During the performance, I put the camera on ISO 1600, and shot with available light. During a question and answer session, I threw on an sb800 flash, and bounced it off the cieling.

Carl Kennedy, Seattle area actor, and poet