Knitting is art?

I have to admit, I've never thought of knitting as art. Something to keep the hands busy while you're reading, or fishing. A hobby at best, but Art? With a capital "A"?


That was until I met a friend of mine, Christine.

What she makes is intricate, and interesting. You can spend time looking at the patterns, drawn in to the mathematics of it all. We're talking Mandelbrot. Euclid. The kind of geometry that can give you a headache just trying to wrap your head around it.
Knitting by Christine Gile, and tools of the trade.

Some of these pieces can go for thousands of bucks, and once you really take a look, you can see why.

Of course she does quicker, simpler pieces that didn't require hundreds of dollars of rare materials, and a year of hard work. Some have unicorns rearing up, or colors that change so subtly that it's hard to tell where the new color begins.

I've photographed her work before, but didn't really feel like I did it justice.
A knitted scarf, decorated with trees.

This time I had a few ideas. First of all, go macro. Get in really close and show the actual detail of the patterns. Going out too wide, and trying to capture the whole piece didn't work very well. The other idea was to add a few of the tools, or raw material to the composition.
Macro image, detail of green scarf.

I liked the results better this time, and hopefully they'll be useful as a showcase, and marketing tool for the artist.